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Church Life Classes

Offered on specific Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings, Church Life classes provide you the opportunity to learn, grow and even discover your spiritual gifts. Classes must be taken in order.
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"Church Life definitely solidified our decision in attending
Harvest Christian Center. What a privilege and a blessing
to be part of what God has created."
- CJ Brackney

"Church Life was the “launching pad” for the most amazing spiritual journey I have ever experienced.
This has moved me into personal, exciting and effective
ministry opportunities at church and also in my profession."
- Dr. Mark Winkler

"It was amazing to discover that the church didn't want me to just fill a need but appreciated my individual talents and vision to serve in places that I am passionate about and want to grow in."
- Austin McCormick

"After completing Church life, I feel equipped and motivated to immerse myself into the culture and serve wholeheartedly at HCC. I'm excited to now say I am a part of HCC!"
- Rhoda Chew